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About Cookie Dough Creamery

Cookie Dough Creamery is an ice cream shop located in historic Worthington Ohio (a suburb of Columbus). We are famous for our numerous flavors of edible cookie doughs. We make our edible cookie doughs fresh in our shop daily. Our edible cookie doughs are made without eggs, and we use heat treated flour making them safe to eat without baking. We use some of our edible cookie dough flavors as a filling in our cookie dough chocolates. We handcraft our chocolates in our shop, wrap them in colorful tinfoil to identify the flavor of cookie dough inside, and package them decoratively to make great gifts. 

While we can't deliver you a cookie dough ice cream sundae, we do ship our cookie dough chocolates during the colder months to areas in the US that are unlikely to get above 70 degrees. Unfortunately we cannot ship our product if it could experience temperatures above 70 degrees, as it would lose its quality before arriving to you. 

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